Saturday, November 11, 2017

New and Improved Ken - Part 2

I'm back with more Ken goodness! I just went ahead, did the laundry and got the Ken's all dressed up! Ready for it?

It took me so long to get everything clean. They had to soak for a few days. I'm positive that these clothes came out 3 shades lighter after washing them. And some didn't even come all the way clean they were so dirty (mainly the tan pants.) I also did a little repair work on the tags. I love these vintage tags but they are so prone to fraying. I had to cut off some of the ends and then hold them together with clear nail polish. 

So the original Ken clothes that I got with the dolls were these. 

Old Ken was wearing #785 Dreamboat

As shown in the photo below from the Fashion Doll Guide, I don't think these are the original pants that came with the outfit.
Most likely the pants came from the Corduroy Slacks fashion pack. 

And then the shorts that Ken originally came with! No red and white striped shirt though.

Also some hot pink shorts that came on the Mod Ken. Not sure where these are from.

And the Red Sweater vintage fashion pack. I have this one already as it came in my fabulous vintage Christmas present a few years ago!

Also included in that Christmas present was this outfit I put on the old Ken!

#784 Terry Togs!

I have always loved this outfit. Ever since I saw it in an old vintage guide my mother in law got with her vintage Barbie doll.

It did come with the shaver and soap (no comb though.) I didn't want them to get lost so I kept them in the package. And the towel, love it. I pinned it to him so it wouldn't fall off.

And the K on the robe pocket!

He also came with his slippers. These fall off too easily so I'll have to keep Ken put so they don't get lost. 

He also came with the underwear although the elastic is old and is cracking and falling off. But for the most part they stay up. The markings on this Ken are from the 1962-1965 Ken Doll with Painted Hair.

By these markings, he is not the Shortie Ken doll from 1963. 

Aren't they so cute together? Not sure why Ken's face is so discolored from his body. Anyone have any ideas? It looks like maybe he'd been rebodied but I tried to pull the head off and it didn't budge.

And now the other Ken! What do you think?

This Ken is wearing the yellow shirt from #782 Casuals and then Boxing from 1963. 

All I have from the Boxing pack are the shorts, towel and gloves. I would have put the gloves on but they didn't fit on the hands of this Ken. They didn't even fit very well on the hands of the other Ken. So I tied a string to them and put them across his shoulder. 

The shorts were a little tight in the thigh but they work very well I think! No shoes though so I'll have to find some for him. 

The markings on this Ken I believe are from the Sun Set Malibu Ken from 1971.

I also cleaned up the accessories that I got with the vintage dolls. 

Not all of these (if any) are original Barbie or Ken. I do love these boots though. And nothing says vintage Barbie like a record player!

I love that I have a tennis racquet now because I have the "Tennis Anyone" vintage Barbie outfit. 

There was a metal bell, oil lamp and a locket that says "This is your life." These probably aren't Barbie but they're cute.

And then we have skis! I love these. One is broken but I'm sure I can super glue it and then be very careful. I think they are off brand. All the ones I looked up for vintage Barbie or Ken were colored and these are white. 

I'll have to find a place for all these accessories. So fun!

And one more thing to show you today. I also washed the Barbie that came with the Ken dolls. 

She was super dirty too.

And I see her ankle had been taped. I thought it was to keep a boot on her foot. So I cut it off. 

Poor Barbie! Torn vinyl. I'm not going to put any more tape on it because it left residue and I had to use Goo Gone. So it's going to be a boot on or something so it doesn't show. And also long pants because this is all the cleaner I could get her legs. Time for come Clearasil at some point. She also has a click knee joint that has broken so she is in bad shape and will take some more work.

She is a really pretty doll and I think she is the Sunset Malibu Barbie from 1971 to 1977. 

I also washed her clothes she was wearing (which was a Skipper dress that was way too small) and I had to scrub out the boot she was wearing as the inside was sticky from the tape. 

OOPS. Oh well, I have a spare now instead of a pair. :)

I can't dress her yet as her hair is still really wet and I need to find an outfit for her. I think I have an idea of what I want to put her in. I'll have that ready for you next time! 

Well friends, do you have any of the vintage Ken fashions or the dolls? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time! 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

New and Improved Ken - Preview!

Hi Friends!

Well, this post has taken me a while. Not because I haven't been busy on the Ken's (because I have) but they have taken me a LOT of time. 

But, I'll give you a preview! I've still got clothing soaking trying to get clean but I did manage to clean up the Kens!

I'm not kidding when I say it took a lot of elbow grease to get them clean. I had to use an (old) scotch brite scrubbie sponge to get the gunk off of them. (I say old because the scrubbie had worn down a little.) I think a brand new scrub sponge would be a little too harsh on the dolls.

So, here is the first Ken (dirty)

And clean!

I did not use the scrubbie on his face but he had so much gunk in his ears and nose that I had to use a soft toothbrush. It did take off very very little from his eyebrows but I can touch that up! He was much more dirty than his original pictures but you could not see it because it was covered up by his clothing.

 And, the other Ken. Dirty.

I found a nice pair of hot pink shorts under his tan pants and they left some coloring on his leg. And oops! Head popped off! See how dirty he was?


There are still a couple of spots but for the most part he is clean and they don't smell anymore either! 

I do have some outfits picked out for them from my box of fabulous vintage clothing. See which ones I chose in the next post!

Until then, here is what I'll be doing.

See you back in a few!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Gang is All Here

Hi Friends!

I am feeling better and have managed to stay well for almost a month now *gasp*. Please pray for me that I don't get something again. I don't think my feeble body can handle it. Only 3 1/2 months left to go until new baby and I'm getting very large. I can DO IT! So I should be able to update the blog more frequently now that I'm well.

I just had a birthday and I used some of my money on a new video doorbell (adulting!) and....Barbie shelves for the office! First order of business on the new shelves, getting all the holiday dolls displayed. 

Check it out!

And another shelf on the adjacent wall. 

So there wasn't enough space to put all the holiday dolls side by side so we stacked some of them. And with the addition of the 1988 doll that I got from my dad last Christmas, I have them ALL! *squee*

There was also space to put some of my favorites. 

All have been featured on this blog! I especially love the I Love Lucy candy factory one. 

And some next to my Ever After High Dolls. A couple of these were on the shelves before such as Ice Cream Romper and Halloween Barbie and Kelly.

And one more addition that I just HAD to bring out. I couldn't leave her packed away. There was not room on the shelf so she is here for now.

Next on the list is to make a little riser for the EAH dolls so I can have them in front and in back. That way they don't take up so much space. But for now I LOVE it and am so glad I could bring out my beautiful holiday dolls. And all I have to do is look up a little to my left and I have my beautiful Mackie dolls from 2005 and 2006 :)

This weekend I got a new addition, a birthday present from my dad. This is the 2003 DC Comics Barbie as Batgirl doll!

She does not have a serious face but her typical smile. I think it makes for a very cute doll.

She comes with a keychain box for you and holds a bat in her gloved hand. She also comes with a stand and she wears yellow boots.

The back of the box has an illustrated version of Batgirl and other characters in the series like Wonder Woman and Super Girl.

And the last doll I am featuring today is one from my collection that I've had since I was a little girl. This a beautiful Sandy doll called "Magic Moments."

I featured her before in a very very brief post. But in those pictures I left her in the box and she had a teardrop missing form her left earring. Pictures from inside the box when she has been opened? What's up with that? Let's use some deboxed pictures! 

I have always loved her face and jewelry.

But her dress is absolutely to die for! Long waisted with a ruffle at the top. ANd the black and stars? Love!

Also, that long long hair. So awesome!

Well, that's all for today. Do you have BatGirl or any Sandi dolls in your collection? Let me know in the comments below!

I'm going to work on the cleaning of the vintage dolls so I'll have those results for my next post. Until then!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Happy Halloween from Barbie and Kelly!

Welcome again friends!

I've been slowly going through all the old posts to repost the images (the ones that Photobucket held hostage), fix broken links, etc. It's been a gruling process but i'm getting through it. And surprisingly I've been having fun reading all the old posts. All my dolls have been boxed up for SO LONG I've forgotten what I've had. 

But...I am getting more dolly shelves! With some of my birthday money I'm going to make the trip to Home Depot to get more hardware so I can display the beautiful dolls I've had in storage. What fun! Pictures will be posted once I get those up.

As my last post mentioned we are going to see some little friends today! And since its the beginning of October, it's the perfect time to show. My mom found this at a garage sale and I fell in LOVE. 


This is the Happy Halloween Special Edition Barbie and Kelly Gift Set from 1996. How adorable is this???

We have the most beautiful Barbie. She wears an orange headband and white sweater with a kitty popping out of a Jack-O-Lantern. She also holds a flashlight. Safety first!

Now, for this adorableness. Kelly!

I squealed with delight when I saw this little Kelly. How cute is she in that little costume!

She even has a little trick or treat bag. She's all ready!

The back of the box had some fun goodies too like safety tips and cutouts you can hang for decorations.

One beef I have with the Kelly dolls now (or is it Chelsea?) is that they all have molded on tops. It is so frustrating. And I think it's hard to make clothes for Barbie. Can you even imagine the clothes for Kelly? And that teeny tiny seam allowance? Brutal!

And if you try to look for them on eBay they are way overpriced. So won't go that route. 

Remember way back when, I got a huge lot of Kelly dolls at the thrift store. They were all naked and some in bad shape but they needed me. You can check out my buncha Kelly post here!

Well, when I went to retrieve Belle for my project in the previous post, I dug out a couple of them. And dressed them in some of the clothes I got a while ago.

The shorts on Tommy are from the Heart Family dolls and are a little big. I had the Tommy shirt and if you stretch it over the waistband of the shorts, it seems to hold them up. The dress is a dead match for Kelly. 

Now I love the child "messy hair" look but they did need a bath. After bath, I had to take a picture of Tommy. His hair is sticking straight up! This gave me a good chuckle.

So this Tommy hair is really strange. It's only rooted up top. It makes it super hard to make the hair lay down properly. It wants to stick up and out. I also had to trim up some of the ends.

So after some hair spray and redressing, here they are again. I still need to put a rubber band back in Kelly's hair up top but they are so stinkin cute aren't they?

Cant' wait till I have more shelves to display them on. 

And that's all for today! Do you have the Halloween set shown in this post? Have a good place to get some Kelly clothes so I can dress the rest of the ones I have? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!